Founder's Story

Poppie & George as a concept started with a gift from a mother to daughter.

Hello, my name is Addea. 

In December 2013, the love of my life, my daughter came into my world. Shortly after her arrival, I was gifted with a box from my mum. This was full of clothes and jewellery that I myself had worn as a baby. As we looked through that cherished box together, mum was able to bring many of the pieces to life with stories, and in some cases, pictures and special moments of when and where I had worn many of them.

I proudly dressed my daughter in many of the items for her own special occasions: naming ceremony, christening and first birthday.

The idea to start, what is now Poppie & George, came a few months later one rainy Sunday afternoon as I sat with her in my arms while watching the film Baby Boom, starring Diane Keaton. The film really resonated with me as a professional woman, raising a child; and I really wanted to emulate the character’s efforts to succeed.

Having received so many positive reactions to my own story, I decided I wanted to help others start or continue their own keepsake to heirloom stories – particularly in the throwaway society we live in today.

With no experience in fashion, design or retail, I needed to educate myself, so while still on maternity leave, in September 2014 I attended a week long childrenswear marketing and design course, where I came away with a very clear vision of the type of brand and product offering I wanted to create. 

Passionate about wanting to develop a British brand, I wanted a very British sounding name and with the help of friends and family I settled on Poppie & George; Poppie because of its association with remembrance and George because it’s a popular boys name in the UK.

If you don’t have a keepsake to heirloom tradition in your family, I welcome you on the journey of Poppie and George to start one today.

Forever yours,

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