Founder's Story

It all began with a gift from mother to daughter. 
Hi – my name is Addea. In December 2013 the love of my life came into my world.  Shortly after her birth, my mum gifted me with box full of beautiful clothes and jewellery that I had worn as a baby.  
As we sat on the sofa together looking through the tiny garments, mum was able to bring many of them to life with stories, and in some cases photos, of when and where I had worn many of them.
I proudly dressed my daughter in my hand knitted cardigans and shawls, smocked dresses, bibs, silver and gold christening jewellery from my late grandmother. And on my daughter’s first birthday, she wore the same dress that I had worn on my first birthday almost 40 years earlier.
It became apparent that many new parents didn’t have the same experience and I wanted to help others to start or continue their own keepsake to heirloom traditions. So, with no experience in creating a brand, products or retail, I needed to educate myself.  
In September 2014, while still on maternity leave, I went on a week-long childrenswear marketing and design course, where I came away with the blueprint for Poppie & George, which launched in July 2017.

It’s cliché, but they grow up so fast. If you don’t have a keepsake to heirloom tradition in your family, why not start one today.

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