Your October Baby - All The Fun Facts You Should Know

October 01, 2018

Your October Baby - All The Fun Facts You Should Know

Whether you’re expecting your little one any day now, or currently nursing your newborn, getting to know how the month of October will affect your baby’s personality and future birthdays is a fun way to start planning some memorable events.

As the first month of autumn, it’s a poetic time to be bringing new life into the world, so we hope that these fun facts will serve as some entertaining knowledge that can help you embrace the month and create some traditions for your new baby.

Star Sign

During October two star signs collide, which means your baby will either be a Libra or a Scorpio.

Libra’s are born between 24th September - 23rd October, while Scorpios are born between 24th October and 22nd November.

Understanding your baby’s star sign is a fun way to predict how their character might evolve over the years, and even if you’re not a big believer in the power of the stars, it’s a fun bit of knowledge to have for when you start planning birthdays and other special events.

If your baby is a Libra, you may find they’re extremely attached and clingy throughout childhood. This is because Libra’s are most content when in the company of those they love.

Traditionally known as peacemakers, Libras like to find harmony and will strive for justice in their lives, often putting others before themselves.

With such empathetic tendencies, your baby is going to grow into a conscious individual who will love being surrounded by friends and family.

If your baby is a Scorpio expect some passionate and fierce conversations in the future.

Well-known to be fiercely independent, Scorpios enjoy their own company and aren’t afraid to share their opinions, or express their emotions. This combination leads to a very confident person who will often appear to be a little mysterious.

Don’t fear for your Scorpio, as with such passionate influences from the stars, they will grow to follow their hearts and have strong relationships with those around them.


Crystals and gemstones continue to grow in popularity as we all seek a natural way to restore our energy. And the same can be said for birthstones.

Knowing your baby’s birthstone can help you think of thoughtful gifts, or help you to decide on that nursery colour you’ve been pondering over for months.

For baby’s born in October, they are lucky to have the choice of two beautiful birthstones. The Opal and Tourmaline.

Many cultures believe that Opal is particularly significant in October, with a belief that it is bad luck for anyone to wear it who wasn’t born in October.

Tourmaline is often the most popular choice for October babies, as it comes in a variety of colours, enabling the wearer to pick a tourmaline gemstone that suits their desires.  According to Egyptian legend, the varying colour of Tourmaline is due to the stone being passed over a rainbow on its journey from the centre of the earth.


While October is an autumnal month, it still brings with it a flush of colour from an array of beautiful flowers that will bloom in the cooler month.

Marigold, is a daisy-like flower that appears in the autumn months and has a number of connections in religions such as Hinduism and Catholicism. Its pom-pom-esque bloom comes in varieties of yellow and orange and provides a vibrant contrast to the muddy colours often associated with October.

In many religious ceremonies in Asia, Marigolds are used for decorations in garlands and wreaths.

The Nigella flower could not be more different. Commonly known as ‘love in the mist’, this bold bluish/purple flower has defined singular petals and fine, light green threads that form a delicate net around the petals.

Brought across in the 18th century from Asia, the Nigella has since taken pride as an ornamental flower in English cottage gardens.

Famous October Baby’s

It’s always fun to know who your baby shares a birthday with, especially for any future fancy dress parties you may end-up hosting for them.

So just who does share their birthday month with your little one?

These celebrities and notable figures are all born in the month of October.

October 1 - Julie Andrews

October 3 - Gwen Stefani

October 5 - Kate Winslet

October 7 - Simon Cowell

October 8 - Matt Damon

October 12 - Hugh Jackman

October 18 - Zac Efron

October 20 - Snoop Dog

October 21 - Kim Kardashian

October 23 - Ryan Reynolds

October 28 - Julia Roberts

Significant October Dates

From planning the baby shower to future birthday parties, getting to know significant dates in the month of October can help you with the whirlwind of party planning.

Halloween -  The most obvious big event in October, is the spooktacular event of Halloween!

While this might not be the immediate birthday party option for your little one, it may certainly help you create some fantastic future party and event ideas to celebrate your child’s birthday when they’re a little older.  

With so much inspiration now available, we would start planning the Pinterest board now so you get all the parenting points for epic future parties.

Chocolate Week - You may not be aware that during the month of October the entire world celebrates Chocolate week.

Appreciating the sweet stuff for a full week may be easy, but it will provide you with even more ideas to create some sweet events for future parties.

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