Unique Baby Names for 2019

27 May, 2019

Unique Baby Names for 2019

So you’ve just found out you’re expecting a bundle of joy in 2019, but the baby name conundrum has already got you feeling stressed?

Well, don’t panic, because if you’re looking for something unique for your baby then we’ve revealed the most unique boys and girls names of 2019, along with a short reason as to where it comes from.

Don’t let baby name drama stop you from enjoying your pregnancy, take note of these names and get excited about the little person who will soon be in your life.

Boys Baby Names


It’s no surprise this new Royal name is on the list, as this modern name that has had everyone talking around the world.

As a shortened version for the name ‘Archibold’, meaning genuine, bold and brave, Archie has not been a common name in the UK for a while. In 2018 it was 18th on the most popular baby names list and only 156 Archie’s were registered in 2017.

The name was even a surprise to the British public for a Prince’s name, as it was thought The Duke and Duchess of Sussex would pick a more traditional name. But we can see Archie officially making its way up the popular baby name list.


Ancient names are becoming a trend for newborns in 2019, as Atticus, a name derived from ancient Greece, currently sits on the popular baby names list at number three.

Atticus, meaning ‘man of Attica’ or ‘man from Athens’, was the name given to a philosopher in ancient Greece.

The names' popularity has been on the rise considerably over recent years with many people believing this is due to the central character ‘Atticus’, in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. As the author of the book released a new novel in 2015 many have gone back to the first book and been inspired by the characters names.


Another Greek name that’s making it in our list is Theodore, which means ‘God’s Gift’.

A rare name in the UK, it comes with a selection of nicknames such as Ted, Teddy or Theo, which provides plenty of flexibility to the little tot when growing up.

The only notable historical figure with this name is US President Theodore Roosevelt.


Just when you thought mythical names were off the list, Jasper, a Persian name meaning ‘bringer of treasure’ makes it into the unique name list.

Currently ranked 185th in the popularity charts, the name is said to go back to the 6th century and the earliest recording of the three wise men, as it’s said one of them was named Jasper.

While the name Jasper has never been common in Britain, it did go through a moment of popularity in the 15th century, when a number of gentry families named their son’s Jasper. The trend continued all the way through to the 17th century.

Girls Baby Names


Originating in East Africa, Amara is the name taken from the Amarantha flower, which means ‘unfading’.

The name occurs across both Asia and Africa, which means a true origin has still not been found for this unique name.

At present Amara is 7th most popular in the UK, and has found popularity both here in Britain and in the US as it is a multicultural name.


Cora is the Latinised form of the Greek name Kore, and means ‘maiden, daughter’.

There is a Greek myth surrounding the name, which tells the story of Cora being taken by Hades to be his underworld bride. Her mother, the Goddess Demeter refused to let the earth fruit until her daughter was handed back. Zeus forced Hades to return her, but because Cora had eaten pomegranate seeds in the underworld she was bound there for eternity. Quite a story for one name.

Cora didn’t appear in Britain as a given name until the late 18th century when it started to appear in literature and opera.


Lyra is actually the name given to a small star constellation which is thought to look like a lyre, a musical instrument from the ancient Greeks.

For a long time in Greece it was not an established name and was thought to be a nickname used for musicians of the lyre. 

As a given first name, Lyra dates back to 19th century Britain, where although rare it began to appear when ships in the Royal Navy were given the name HMS Lyra.  

Many have claimed it’s back in modern favour due to the Star Wars character Lyra Erso.


Posie is a girls name that originates from the old-fashioned term for flowers ‘a posie’.

According to Nameberry, Posie is currently the most searched for name in the UK and is set to become one of the most popular names for girls in 2019.

English in origin, it is a rare name that has not yet made its mark as an established name compared to similar floral names such as poppy or daisy.

If you’re truly looking for something unique for your baby girl this could be the year of the Posie.

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