Tips For A First Family Photoshoot

May 25, 2017

Tips For A First Family Photoshoot

Having a photoshoot is a fantastic way to capture your whole family together, creating memorable images that can be framed and treasured forever. Newborn photoshoots are also growing in popularity, as parents seek to capture how their new arrival looked in their first few weeks of life. If you are planning a family or newborn photoshoot, here are some top tips from the team here at Poppie & George to help ensure you get what you want from the day.

Meet your photographer beforehand

Choose your photographer very carefully, meet with them before the shoot if possible to ensure you are all on the same wavelength. If your photographer specialises in formal, traditional shots, but you’re looking for something more relaxed, you might end up coming away with an end product that wasn’t what you had in mind. Do your research – there are hundreds of photographers online you can choose from, you’re sure to discover someone who takes photos in the exact style you want.

Think about what you will wear

For a family shoot, you should think carefully about what each member will be wearing. Do you want to be matchy-matchy, or would you rather have each person choose an outfit they like, to represent their personality? One great tip is to have a colour scheme – so family members still have freedom to dress how they like, but the photos have a sense of coherency. For a newborn shoot, many like their little one to be naked as the day they were born! There are also many tasteful shots of mothers, fathers and babies enjoying some skin-to-skin time. If you’d like to go down this route, make extra sure you feel comfortable with your photographer.

Introduce heirlooms or family trinkets

If there are any special heirlooms or family trinkets passed down through your family, it’s a great idea to have them captured in the shoot too. From an old necklace passed down on your mother’s side, to a swaddling blanket which has been in your partner’s family for generations, these items help your photos to feel more personal.

Leave the ‘cheese’ at home

Many photographers nowadays veer away from the old ‘say cheese!’ trick to get families smiling. Many now prefer more natural images, and have their own techniques to get these shots. If you have young children, the photographer will likely chat to them in a friendly and fun way, resulting in lovely natural smiles. If you have very young babies, let the photographer position them as they see fit. Don’t worry about always being posed – some of the most wonderful group shots come from candid, unguarded moments as a family.

Relax – and enjoy!

Don’t treat your photography session as something to stress about. If you’re stressed on the day, this is likely to transmit to your family, and you’ll come out with posed, unnatural photos. Try to relax and enjoy yourself! Bring an activity for the little ones to enjoy, or your baby’s favourite toy or blanket to keep them happy. This way, your photographer is more likely to capture images of your family as you truly are.

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