The Must-Read Parenting Books for 2021

20 February, 2021

The Must-Read Parenting Books for 2021

Despite being the most exciting and important arrival in your life, there is no instruction manual for a new baby, although luckily, there are plenty of books written by those in-the-know that can help you find your way.

These authors come in the form of professional nanny’s, doctors, psychologists and experienced parents that provide some invaluable insights into babies, children, and parenting methods that will ease some worries and concerns. We have picked out some of the most popular books for new and expecting parents this year. 

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, Philippa Perry

What makes us parent the way that we do? Do you ever say something to your child and think, ‘I am my mother’. Ultimately our upbringing shapes the way that we raise and parent our children. Suppose there are things that you want to do differently? It makes sense to revisit your childhood and unpack some of your experiences - making you a more honest, empathetic and understanding parent. 

This book, written by psychotherapist Philippa Perry uses case studies to make her messages relatable and teach parents how to value their children’s emotions, however uncomfortable for the parent. It also teaches us approaches and coping mechanism that serves well outside of the realm of parenting. 

The Danish Way of Parenting, Jessica Joelle Alexander & Iben Dissing Sandahl

Denmark is hailed as the happiest country globally, so it certainly wouldn’t help pick up a few tips from their parenting approach! 

The Danish Way of Parenting covers six key areas: Play, Authenticity, Reframing, Empathy, No ultimatums and Togetherness. Each area takes a wellness stance of parenting, encouraging children to be mindful, independent and aware of their feelings and emotions. 

The end goal is to help parents to raise well-adjusted, confident and happy children.

The New Dad’s Survival Guide, Rob Kemp.

There is a decidedly small selection of advice books for fathers, and this book is as modern as they come. 

This book was written by Father (and journalist) Rob Kemp, is written specifically for fathers in a friendly and honest way, using his first-hand experience. 

The book’s content provides practical advice such as how to hold your baby when they are handed to you for the first time, coupled with more profound, emotional offerings like bonding with your baby and supporting their development. It also covers the all-important day to day tasks such as feeding and changing. 

One area that is perhaps not often discussed among men, is how to manage rearranged finances and emotionally and practically support their parents during the first 18 months of childhood, a time full of fatigue-fuelled frustration. The New Dad’s Guide to Survival covers this in an authentic way that doesn’t cause any feelings of defence among new dads.

Sista Sister, Candice Brathwaite

Sista Sister is the follow-up to Candice's well-loved first book, I Am Not Your Baby Mother. Candice is bringing long-awaited diversity into parenting books in her signature direct-yet-warm style.  

The book reads like a collection of essays that candidly discusses her experiences growing up as a young Black girl in London and the topics she wishes that someone had talked through with her. 

This book candidly discusses all of Candice’s learnings and wisdom openly and honestly from family, relationships, money, interracial friendship and sex, black hair, fashion, and beauty.


Baby Bomb: A Relationship Survival Guide for New Parents, Kara Hoppe and Stan Tatkin

Written by a relationship expert and psychologist, Baby Bomb focuses on evolving from partners to co-parents in a way that shapes you as a unified team and cultivates love in this new chapter of your life.

Babies are little bundles of joy, but they are also hard work and can leave you feeling beyond exhausted, meaning there is little time or effort left for nurturing your relationship. This book offers guidance regarding managing expectations and looking after each other’s needs, serving as an important reminder that loving and functioning relationships are essential for raising happy, mentally-secure children. 

The Little Book of Mum Hacks, Kate Murnane

We all need a little injection of fresh perspective when it comes to life hacks as a parent because sometimes - let’s face it - its the little things! 

This book has more than 150 tips and hacks that keeping a home clean and tidy, cooking, playing with children, as well as an entire section dedicated to taking care of a baby in the first few months. If there is one person that knows how to find an innovative way of doing a job - it’s a parent! 

We also love the beautiful, modern line drawings interspersed throughout this book. 

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