Stylish Baby Shower Trends We Love

10 March, 2020

Stylish Baby Shower Trends We Love

A baby shower is one party you want to get right for so many reasons. You want to show your expecting friend or relative just how much they are loved and supported, and you want to celebrate the pending arrival of this new baby! 

However, if your friend is super stylish and chic, they’re probably not going to want a baby shower filled with gimmicky baby food games or Disney characters, which is why we’ve revealed some of the more stylish baby shower trends that are as elegant as an afternoon at The Ritz. 

Get your party planning head on, as we give you the low down the trends you should adopt. 

Goodbye Balloons 

With many of us becoming more conscious of single-use plastic, balloons are seeing a decline. Instead, bunting is making a strong comeback, as well as paper pom-poms, and the use of plants and flowers as decoration is growing in popularity.

Rather than a wall of balloons, create a flower wall of the expecting mothers favourite flowers. Plus it’s the perfect decorative idea to create the best photo moments. 

A Big Bake 

Large, decorative cakes are not just for weddings and birthdays. Big bakes are a big trend in baby shower party planning. And we’re talking tripple layered. 

The bigger, the better when it comes to baby shower cakes, so get the intel from friends and family, about the expecting mother’s favourite cake flavours and truly go to town. 

Cupcakes are also incredibly popular, as these can be taken away by guests and handed out during the party. 

Fancy Favours 

Baby shower party favours have gone up a level since they came across from the USA. In fact, baby shower party favours have reached an almost competitive level. 

Rather than just a few luxury goodies in a gift bag, try personalised hand-decorated biscuits, mini bottles of champagne, and even house plants. Oh yes, from popping the bubbly for the big occasion, to baby in bloom flowers, there are some truly unique and stylish ways you can send your party-goers home.

Thoughtful Themes

While there are some trending baby shower themes doing the rounds on Pinterest. Including rustic gold and nature themes, to scandi calming neutrals. When choosing the colour scheme of the baby shower, it’s essential you have a good idea of the colours and styles your expecting friend likes. 

Avoid the traditional blue and pink, and instead, opt for creating an experience that truly represents your friend's style. The more unique, and ‘like them’ the better. 


As well as a luxury gift list for mother and baby, creating keepsakes at the baby shower will also make the event memorable for years to come. 

This includes allowing each guest to provide a little speech on video for the baby, and getting each guest to sign a special baby shower print for the expecting mother. Touches such as this, take the activities from embarrassing to emotional. 

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