Six of the Most Luxurious Babymoons

17 April, 2018

Six of the Most Luxurious Babymoons

Babymoons have become increasingly popular as new parents jet-away before sleepless nights and nappy changes commence. So if you’ve just found out that you’re expecting, now is the time to book that trip away, as traveling during the 3-6 month period is the safest and when you’ll be at your most comfortable.

As you’ll be craving complete relaxation and sunshine, we’ve found the most luxurious destinations that not only cater for expectant parents but offer you every comfort you’ll need while growing your little human.

The Seychelles

Located in the paradise of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is a dreamy destination to get in some quality ‘we’ time before the bundle of joy arrives.

Vast white beaches and tall palms trees make these islands something of a must-visit for those that long for complete peace. With many luxurious resorts based here, such as the notable Four Seasons and the Mahe Resort, you can only expect the very best when you make home on this beautiful island.

As many resorts are now acquainted with the tradition of ‘babymoons’ you will find specialist Spa treatments, and even a ‘Cravings Hotline’ where you will be given a mobile phone so that you can call any time of the day no matter where you are on the island and have your cravings delivered to you.

The flight to the islands is often 12 hours, and as it is a tropical climate it’s ideal to travel all year round as it is constantly warm. There’s certainly no chance of missing out on the sunshine!

Santorini Greece

If you can’t quite face a long flight, then Greece is a destination that is not only a short distance away but can also offer you a life of luxury once you’ve landed.

Glamorous boutique hotels have been popping up across the island which offer five-star dining experiences and unparalleled views that will help you to create some memorable moments together.

Santorini in particular, is a popular spot for expectant parents looking for peace and privacy.

Perched on a volcanic island that offers spectacular views over the Caldera, many resorts provide boutique bungalows and infinity pools that will allow you to be completely absorbed in the historic surroundings.

While the flight time is considerably less, the best time to visit is between April and October when the weather is at its best. Although it is advised to skip July and August, when there is a heavy influx of tourists to the island, making it quite crowded.

Riviera Maya Mexico

Combining both a little culture and escape, Riviera Maya in Mexico looks out across the turquoise of the Caribbean ocean. Whether you’re looking for a spot of adventuring together or simply indulging by the pool, this beautiful part of Mexico has something for every expectant couple.

As each resort is housed in its own private estate, you can be sure to find complete tranquility on your trip. With many locations offer unique pregnancy spa treatments and award-winning cuisine, it’s a destination that is growing in favour for those who require a babymoon that has all the bells and whistles.

To get the most sunshine from your trip, January through to May is the best time to visit. Unlike many other summer resorts, from September onwards, Mexico experiences many storms and hurricanes so avoid this season to ensure you don’t experience the heavy rainfall.


If you’re looking for a babymoon that combines activity and relaxation, then Dubai is a must-visit for fun loving expectant parents. With resorts that are the epitome of luxury, you can enjoy the vast shopping experiences in the glamorous malls and traditional souks, as well as an extensive blend of Arabic and Mediterranean style hotels with stunning landscaped gardens and flawless beaches.

While relaxation can be found in Dubai, it’s most well-known for its constant hive of activity.

With just an eight hour flight, you are guaranteed sunshine almost any time of the year.


Providing unforgettable views at every turn, Thailand is an expanse of natural beauty that will leave you breathless. Fast becoming one of the most romantic destinations in the world, the luxurious villas and private pools will make you want to stay forever.

As a real retreat destination, you can expect to be treated like royalty on your visit.

With a tropical climate and fields of vegetation that surround many of the resorts, you will eat fresh, organic produce that is locally sourced.

For those who wish to do a little activity, there is the option of pregnancy yoga and spa treatments available at many of the well-established resorts. But if you’re looking to enjoy some culture there are also trips to neighbouring islands, cooking classes with local chefs and market trips.

While the flight is a heavy 11 hours, it has many months of pure sunshine, with the best season stretching from February to September.

South Africa

If a beach holiday does not sound like the babymoon for you, South Africa is a refreshing alternative to a traditional escape. As many of the most luxurious resorts are located on South Africa’s glamorous Camps Bay, you will have a stunning combination of both mountain and sea views.

For those that still want to embrace adventure, there are many activities that can be done, and a traditional African safari has to be one of them.

While walks and hikes may not always be possible, there is plenty of sightseeing to enjoy, as well as beautiful aromatic gardens to wonder through should you need to go at a slower pace.

The flight to South Africa is 11 hours, but the chance of sunshine and warmth is certain. The ideal time for expectant mothers would be April to October, as any earlier the temperatures may be too hot.

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