Pregnant & Self-Isolating - Here's How to Keep Happy

01 April, 2020

Pregnant & Self-Isolating - Here's How to Keep Happy

Under the current government guidelines for protection against the Coronavirus, pregnant women are classed as vulnerable, which means all women currently expecting will be requested to self-isolate. 

While the safety of you and your baby is paramount during this crisis, self-isolation isn’t easy, and what should be such an exciting time, can have you feeling highly emotional and worried. 

To help you adjust to this short-term reality of self-isolating during your pregnancy, we’ve given a few hints and tips on how to make the most of this time, so you can see it as ‘self-spacing’ rather than ‘isolating’. 

Consume a Low Information Diet 

Since the Coronavirus, there is information everywhere you turn. On social media, on the news, on the radio, and even from friends who have suddenly become pandemic experts! 

But this overconsumption of information is not good for us.

Much of the information on social media can be false and cause unnecessary stress. And rumours and gossip can also feed into misleading information. 

Instead, it’s essential you stick to only taking in the government verified information and try to lean away from getting caught up in a social media black hole of misinformation. 

Negative news can play havoc on our thoughts and emotions, so it’s best to take in only the required information right now. 

Create a Routine 

If there’s one thing many of us struggle with during self-isolation, it is the complete lack of routine. 

As our whole world has been turned upside down by this virus, we can find ourselves in a place of uncertainty and fear. Much of this is down to a lack of control, as we feel everything we could control has been taken away from us. 

However, right now, the one thing you can control is your daily routine. 

Begin to create your absolute ideal routine that makes you feel happy. This could include a relaxing yoga practice in the morning, followed by a nutritious breakfast and reading a book for a few hours. 

Think about all the small things that make you feel good and bring you joy, and add them into a new daily routine.  

Stay Connected 

During self-isolation it’s essential you keep connected with those you love, from friends, family and even colleagues. 

The more regular conversations you have, the better you feel. However, try to keep the conversations uplifting. 

As the virus is impacting many people both personally, financially and mentally, it can be easy to make your entire conversation around the virus and how awful it is. But this can make you feel negative and start to influence your own thoughts and emotions. 

Instead, try to have positive conversations and re-create activities you may have done together when the world wasn’t on lockdown. 

This may include taking part in virtual quizzes, live dance parties, or even virtual wine tastings. 

Whatever you and your friends and family love to do, recreate it online and have some fun. 

Discover Online Support 

For all things pregnancy-related, there is now a boom in online classes and courses you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

Everything from hypnobirthing, to pregnancy yoga, is now available at the click of a button, which means you can work on keeping you and your baby healthy and happy during self-isolation. 

Write down everything you want to do and have a look online at what’s available. You may be surprised at just how busy you might become during your self-isolation. 

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