Pregnancy Products to Add to Your Beauty Bag

25 November, 2019

Pregnancy Products to Add to Your Beauty Bag

In case you hadn’t noticed already, pregnancy does strange things to your body. From skin discolouration to hair in new places, for each of us, pregnancy can bring new changes we never even knew possible. 

As well as seeing your physical body change, how you feel about your body can also have a big impact on your confidence. 

The great thing is, beauty products have come on leaps and bounds over the past decade, which means there are now more products than ever before to support the changes of pregnancy. 

Before you start feeling fed-up, get your plastic ready to invest in the game-changing products that will make you feel fabulous during your pregnancy.

La Roche Posay 

Move over La Mer, because there’s a french product in town that can be found in all beauty editors bathroom cabinets. 

French pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay has taken the UK by storm during 2019, and for a good reason. For those suffering from highly-sensitive skin, La Roche-Posay provides a deeply nourishing daily moisturiser that rivals premium brands. 

If your complexion has become irritable during your pregnancy, their Toleriane moisturiser is anti-inflammatory and rebalances the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind. 

La Roche-Posay also claim their products are safe for babies and children, which means this could become a firm favourite even nine months later. 

Organic Rosehip Oil

If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, then we think organic rosehip oil is also one to add to your beauty bag. 

During her third pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that Rosehip Oil was the product responsible for her healthy glow. 

Rosehip oil is naturally rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, and it’s also well-known to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. 

Applying to both body and face will leave you feeling fully rejuvenated. 


Udderly Gorgeous Foot & Leg Cream

Knowing how hard expecting mothers have it, beauty brand Cowshed has launched a range of safe pregnancy products. 

At the top of our list is their Udderly Gorgeous Foot & Leg Cream, ideal for when you’ve been on your feet all day. 

With Sea Buckthorn, Witch Hazel and Green Tea, this pampering treatment is ideal for soothing the skin and combating that pregnancy ache.  

We recommend kindly asking your partner to give you a little foot massage with this cream at least once a week. 


Bio Oil

With an outstanding reputation, Bio Oil is a must use pregnancy product. 

While it’s most recently been endorsed by celebrities such as the Kardashians and other influencers across the blogosphere; Bio Oil has long been a top product for pregnant women. 

The truth is, it really works. Made with vitamin E and A, rosemary and chamomile, it leaves the skin feeling super soft throughout the day and helps prevent and reduce stretch marks. Plus it’s perfect for those who suffer from dry skin. 

For the ultimate self-care routine, we recommend applying this after every bath and shower. 


Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube

Pregnancy breasts are tender and sore, and many of us will do anything to soothe them. 

Luckily pregnancy brand Mama Mio has created an entire range of incredible products for every expecting mothers issue. 

We particularly love Pregnancy Boob Tube, as a rich cream that soothes breasts but also leaves the skin feeling supple, soft and cared for. It instantly cools and is packed full of safe essential oils. 

Better yet, you can use this post-pregnancy and well into your breastfeeding days. It’s a keeper. 




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