Our Top 5 Mother & Baby Podcasts

10 December, 2019

Our Top 5 Mother & Baby Podcasts

Whether we’re listening while getting through the mountain of ironing or on the commute to work, podcasts have become a firm favourite at Poppie & George HQ. 

Not only are they providing us with a much-needed giggle, but they’re also full of relatable stories that make us feel like we’re not alone in the struggle of parenting. 

If you’re currently looking for a good listen that can help you see the funny side of tantrums, or ease your worries about birth, then we’ve revealed our top five favourite podcasts. 

Happy Mum Happy Baby 

Giovanna Fletcher is a mum to three boys, and wife to Tom Fletcher from McFly. If you’re not already following her on Instagram, she is a must follow. Not only is Giovanna honest about parenting, but she also doesn’t take herself seriously and brings out the true realities of juggling work and kids. 

In Giovanna’s podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby, she interviews a variety of celebrity mothers about all aspects of parenting. It’s an insightful, funny and emotional podcast that opens your eyes to the fact all parents experience highs and lows. 

The Scummy Mummies

We love anything that gives us a good belly laugh, and The Scummy Mummies is definitely the one podcast for that. 

The Scummy Mummies podcast is based on the comedy show where mums Ellie Gibson, and Helen Thorn discuss the realities of parenting. 

In their no holding back show, they really go into the not so glamorous side of parenting, and will soon have you laughing out loud and saying ‘Me too’. 

The Scummy Mummies live shows sell out in days, so this gives you an idea of just how popular they are in the parenting world. If you can’t get tickets to their show, we would highly recommend listening in to their podcast. 

Get Your Glow Back 

Having a baby is life-changing and body transforming. It is an overwhelming emotional and physical experience which can make you not feel yourself. 

With this in mind, Nutritional therapist Madeleine Shaw has created a podcast all about helping mums get back to feeling good and getting that glow back. 

Primarily a wellness podcast specifically for mums, Madeleine covers some topics that mums want to hear the truth about. From sleep deprivation, strengthening your pelvic floor, and how to look after yourself with a child.  

If you’re ever having a low day, Get Your Glow Back is certainly the antidote to lift you up. 

The Parent Hood 

Parenting can often feel like one problem after another, and the questions you have can feel like you’re forever Googling signs, symptoms, and behaviours. Sound familiar? 

If this is you, and you often feel at a loss about what to do, The Parent Hood is a fantastic podcast by Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt that answers a plethora of parenting questions. 

In fact, they cover a whole dictionary of parenting topics and dilemmas. From child reflux, nits and worries about going back to work. 

Give this podcast a try before you consult with your next Google search. You’ll not only feel wiser but a wave of relief. 

Let’s Talk Fertility with Izzy Judd

Izzy Judd is a mother to two tots, and wife to McFly drummer Harry Judd, however, she also runs an incredible podcast about the struggles of fertility. 

While there are many podcasts out there for expecting mums, or mothers to babies, it’s refreshing to find a podcast that deals so honestly with the trials and trauma of fertility. 

In Izzy’s podcast, ‘Let’s Talk Fertility’, Izzy interviews a number of well-known celebrities about their struggles with conceiving a child. 

If you’re also trying for a baby, this is a wonderful podcast that is enlightening, and deeply empathetic. 

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