Our Top 5 Books for First Time Fathers

June 10, 2019

Our Top 5 Books for First Time Fathers

As a woman expecting her first baby, you’ve got a whole host of resources at your disposal; from mothers, friends, midwives, books, videos to bloggers. In fact, we’ve never been so clued-up on producing tiny humans. But what about the man in your life?

Men are notoriously difficult when it comes to opening up about their emotions, and while they may not be doing the manual labour of the parenting in the first nine months, they still need some reassurance about what to expect.

With this in mind, we’ve listed the top five books we’ve been recommended by first-time fathers. So if the man in your life is feeling anxious, these books should help him swat up on what to expect.


1) The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide

You know what they say, sometimes it’s best to know the truth so you know how to handle it when it comes. Well, that certainly rings true with this book.

Author Rob Kemp is the editor of dad’s online magazine, Father’s Quarterly, as well as previously being the editor of Men’s Health Magazine. In his book The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide, he lays it bare so that other dads don’t need to learn the hard way.

Dubbed as the ‘essential’ guide for new dads, Rob doesn’t hold back about what to expect in the first 18 months. Covering it all, from how to bond with your baby, to practical issues such as how to manage your work-life balance.

For those dads who don’t know where to begin and seem to be panicking, this book has been noted as a life raft for many.

As well as being very practical, it’s also highly entertaining, with lots of real-life anecdotes from Rob’s own experience as a first-time father.

2) Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood

For any new father who thinks it’s going to be plain sailing, this might be the reality check they need. Author Michael Lewis thought he’d seen it all until he became a father.

As he says very bluntly, “If you remember what new parenthood was actually like, you wouldn’t go around lying to people about how wonderful it is.”  

The book stems from Michaels running diary of each of his 3 children’s first year. It was a way for him to handle the emotions and confusion around each birth.

In Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood Michael reveals his experiences in a humorous and matter-of-fact tone that will have you laughing out loud.

3) Man vs. Baby

The subtitle of this book says it all. ‘The chaos and comedy of real-life parenting’.

Author Matt Coyne has become a notoriously honest parent on social media and has gained a following even from men who are yet to take the title of Father.

It started with a few Facebook posts, including Matt’s hilarious comparison of his 3am wake-up call from his crying baby as “having the inside of your skull sandpapered by an angry Viking.”

As his Facebook posts began to go viral, Matt finally sat down and put all his stark honesty into a side-splittingly funny book - Man vs. Baby.

The book is one man’s journey through the first year of parenthood, and is told with pure honesty and wit. Even Ashton Kutcher called it “one of the best descriptions of fatherhood I’ve ever read.”

4) From Dude to Dad

Even if your man is feeling calm and relaxed about impending fatherhood, it never hurts to get some advice or a few pointers for the road ahead.

In the book From Dude to Dad, fathers are given the need-to-know details on everything in the realm of fatherhood, right down to pregnancy and birth.

A more detailed, and practical book than the others, this is definitely a guide rather than anecdotal advice, but should hopefully give the new dad-to-be a bit of confidence so he can immediately start bonding with baby and be the best partner.

5) Dadlife

Simon Hopper is Insta-famous for sharing his life as Dad to four daughters, and in his book Dadlife, you can find exactly the same amount of humour.

While Simon is now a dad of four, he was once a 24-year-old self-proclaimed ‘man-child’ with no idea of what being a dad involved.

In his book Dadlife, Simon takes dads through his fatherhood journey so far. From those nervous early years to now being the only male in the house with four feisty daughters.

No matter where your partner may be, expecting their first child or their fifth, Simon’s tales of his fatherhood journey are heart-warming, honest and truly witty.

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