Must Read Books for The Expecting Mother

10 February, 2020

Must Read Books for The Expecting Mother

So you’ve found out you’re expecting, congratulations! 

No matter how you’re feeling right now; overwhelmed or excited, we’ve been there, done that, and got the stories. 

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, sometimes swatting up on what to expect, and what other women have gone through, can provide great solace in a time that is swamped with feelings and emotions. 

Books have always been a great source of comfort to us here at Poppie & George HQ, and there’s just something special about reading a book that helps us to feel more connected to others. 

We’re pretty sure your Amazon Wish List is probably becoming as long as your arm, but if there were five books we had to be left with, these would be our top choices to our expecting friends. 

So from us to you, here are the books we know will see you through pregnancy and beyond.

Your Baby Your Birth 

Hypnobirthing is fast-becoming a favoured approach for many women looking for a calm and positive experience. 

The book ‘Your Baby Your Birth’ by hypnobirthing expert Hollie De Cruz has been praised by many celebrity mothers including Fearne Cotton and Giovanna Fletcher. 

As well as a no-nonsense guide to what hypnobirthing is, and how it can give you a toolbox of techniques to enjoy birth, it also provides real-life birth stories. 

If you’re considering an alternative and holistic approach to your birth, this could be the perfect book for you. 

How to Grow a Baby, and Push it Out 

We know we’re not the only ones who still have this book on our shelves, but it is one we’ve recommended time and time again to expecting friends and relatives. 

While you may know Clemmie Hooper as an Instagram Influencer, in ‘real-life’ she is a midwife in London and has many experiences to share. 

In her popular book, ‘How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out’, Clemmie gives real midwife advice for each trimester - even going so far as to chapter the book by trimesters, so you feel like you’ve got her by your side for every stage. 

As well as information about your baby and your body, the book also includes real-life stories and anecdotes.  

Happy Mum Happy Baby 

Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby book has received many awards from publications thanks to its heartfelt honesty. 

Throughout the book, Giovanna shares her own personal experience of having children. From the labour to working with a newborn. If you’re wondering how you’re going to manage any of it, we can assure you that Giovanna addresses it honestly in her book. 

If you enjoy the book, you should also listen to Giovanna’s Podcast of the same name, as she interviews celebrity mums about their varying experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

It’s the classic pregnancy book that has inspired a film, but ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ is a must-read. 

Now in its fifth edition, Author Heidi Murkoff provides answers to every question that’s probably going through your head. From the ever-changing rules of pregnancy to the many birthing techniques you can choose. No matter the choice you’re facing, Heidi helps you with an answer. 

The beauty of this book, as well as the detailed science, is Heidi’s warmth, empathy and humour. While you may be worried it goes into too much detail, many mothers swear by this book and believe it was their best friend during pregnancy. 

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read 

There are plenty of books for pregnancy, but what comes next… parenting. 

The one area no one ever really touches upon during pregnancy is the real parenting of your child once it’s out in the world. 

If this is an area of worry for you, we would highly recommend reading ‘The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read’ by Phillipa Perry. 

Phillipa is psychotherapist, and her book has been praised by celebrity mums including Fearne Cotton and Nigella Lawson. 

As Phillipa says, every parent wants their child to be happy, and every parent wants to avoid screwing them up. But how do you do that? 

In Phillipa’s funny and clever book, she helps you to navigate behaviour and situations, so you avoid vital dos and don’ts of parenting. 

It’s a truly eye-opening look at how we parent, and how we can have a strong parent-child relationship through all the tears and tantrums. 

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