Luxury Christening Gifts

24 February, 2020

Luxury Christening Gifts

Have you been invited to a Christening this season, or are you planning one for your own bundle of joy? 

As with any event, the gift list is the one area that can often have people a little stuck. After all, when the baby arrives, most people have everything they need, so instead of going with practical, we believe that Christening gifts should instead provide something that can be treasured forever. 

If you’re experiencing gift anxiety we’ve compiled a list of our favourite luxury Christening gifts that baby will not only love, but will help give them keepsakes that will be precious in years to come.

A Silver-plated Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are a wonderful way to welcome the baby into the world. The gift of prosperity is what these coin jars represent, and adding a few pounds into one to get them started is a thoughtful way to show how much you want to see this future human thrive. 

Rather than just your standard piggy bank, you could opt to go the extra mile with a silver-plated piggy bank from Harrods, or other high-end retailers. 

A Poppie & George Gift Set 

If you’re set on providing something practical and pretty, our Poppie & George gift sets give you the best of both worlds. 

From our collection of luxury bib and a muslin cloth to our full muslin cloth set, each gift set is wrapped beautifully so you can simply hand it over at the Christening. 

You can even make it more personalised to the baby with the addition of their monogram on the bib. Choose from our range styles suitable for boys and girls, and then simply decide up to three initials you’d like embroidered onto the bib. 

Our luxury bibs are super soft and absorbent, an ideal outfit addition to keep them stylish even during that teething phase. And once it’s no longer needed, it can be stored as a keepsake in the baby's memory box. 

Handmade Teddy Bear 

We can all remember that one teddy bear or first toy that we took everywhere with us. Well, now you can give the baby the same gift of companionship with a luxury handmade teddy bear. 

Here at Poppie & George, we are particularly fond of the lovely bears from Grin and Bear London, especially for their bespoke bear service where you can design and create a bear that really represents the baby.  You can choose everything from the fabric to the box tie. 

These traditional bears are not only unique to every person but provide a Christening gift that will remain by their side throughout their childhood. 

A Rocking Horse 

While this Christening gift is a little on the larger side of the scale, it will no doubt become a treasured toy for the baby. 

A rocking horse is a traditional toy that has now been reinvented in so many unique ways. Whether the baby is a boy or a girl, you can find a rocking horse that suits their character and personality. 

For example, if a traditional horse doesn’t seem quite fitting for the little one, how about a rocking woolly mammoth from Kidly? Or a rocking unicorn? 

With so many varieties of a rocking horse taking the traditional in a new direction, you’ll be sure to find a toy that keeps them entertained for hours.

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