How to Work from Home with a Baby

07 April, 2020

How to Work from Home with a Baby

With the nurseries now closed in the UK due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you may have found yourself unexpectedly juggling work-life and a baby all at once. And let’s be honest, sometimes the demands of our little one’s often outweigh those of our work. We know we’d rather take a telling off from the boss than another screaming tantrum!

The struggle of the juggle has never been so real, add this to the fact you’re still trying to keep safe and sane during these strange times, and you’ve got an incredibly overwhelming and exhausting home-life.

To help you try and make this time work for you and your baby, we’ve revealed some of our best tips on how to work from home with a baby. So hopefully, you can look back on this time in a positive light.

Work Around Their Schedule

As much as you're used to your own work schedule and setting your own breaks, unfortunately when there’s a baby around there’s no way you can continue the way you used to work in an office.

For starters, young children and babies just don’t understand work, and right now, they will be so excited to be around their parents 24/7.

Rather than trying to force your normal office routine onto your baby, when working from home, you have to adjust to your baby’s schedule. This means you have to do focussed work when they’re napping, or when they’re most content, for example, after eating.

It may also be helpful to try and do some of your work before they wake-up, or once they’ve gone to bed. 

Get Help from Family

While family can’t ease the care duties in a physical sense right now, they can help virtually with phone calls and video calls to keep your baby entertained for a few minutes. Even getting granny to video call and chat to the baby for 10 or 20 minutes can help keep them occupied while you send some vital emails. 

Tag Team 

If both you and your partner are currently working from home, now is the time to team-up so you can both get your work done and keep the baby happy.

Deciding on the hours and times, you’re both responsible for entertaining the little one can help you to step away for a few hours to get some work done and give you the chance to really enjoy this precious time with your baby. By doing this, you get some focussed work time, and you get to be fully present for your child rather than trying to multi-task.

Create a Workspace

To help you feel your most productive when working from home with a baby, it’s essential that you create a space where you feel you can work your best.

Whether you have the luxury of a home office or a spare bedroom you can escape to, it’s important that you create a space that is dedicated to your work time, so that when you sit down to work, you feel like you can get straight on.

Work in Short Bursts

As well as using your baby’s schedule of naps and bedtime to get in focussed work, it can also be useful to use short bursts of time to get specific tasks done.

Write a list of what you need to get done that day - and be realistic. Don’t set yourself high targets when your current workspace is not ideal, you’ll only feel disappointed with yourself, and then feel even less productive because you’re fed-up.

Assign a time to each task, so you have a rough idea of how long each one is going to take.

Then schedule in time to do these throughout the day at different times when you know you might be able to get a few minutes. For example, is there a baby program you could put them in front of just while you get a task done?

Give Yourself a Break

One thing you must do is not be too hard on yourself during this strange time, as you’re doing the best you can with what you have.

Juggling work and parenting is not an ideal situation, and certainly not one that many UK parents signed up for.

Keep focusing on the good things you’ve achieved in the day, and you’ll feel much better about the situation.

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