How to Throw a Digital Baby Shower

11 May, 2020

How to Throw a Digital Baby Shower

With group gatherings still on hold, many celebrations have had to adopt a digital edge, and that includes the traditional baby shower. 

Unfortunately, instead of gathering in the expecting mother-to-be’s home, or a luxury hotel for afternoon tea, baby showers are now taking place online to help celebrate the impending arrival. 

But how do you take a baby shower online? 

Don’t fear, with a few digital invites already accepted at Poppie & George HQ we’ve got all the essential details on how to throw a baby shower that will put the traditional celebration to shame.

Date & Time 

Just as you would with a traditional baby shower, you need to consider date and time. 

The date should give people plenty of time to arrange a gift, taking into consideration the current delivery days. 

The time should be no longer than a few hours as you should be respectful of people’s time. This way, you can stick to a tight schedule and not have people drop out halfway through. 

If you’re inviting guests who are in different time zones, try to be considerate of the time you’re choosing. 

You can then create digital invitations in free image creation apps such as Canva. 

Decide on Your Platform

There are a number of video conferencing apps out there that are helping people stay connected during this unusual time, but choose one that you know will ensure everyone can join. 

Some video conferencing apps will have limitations on the number of people who can attend, so ensure to pick one that suits your group. 

Zoom is free to use with up to 50 people in a video call. However, there are others, such as WhereBy where you can even name the ‘room’ a fun name to give your baby shower a little theme. 

Prior to the baby shower, test out your chosen platform with a few friends so you can ensure it’s easy to use and works for what you need. 

Pick a Theme

Just like you would with a traditional baby shower, you can still make your virtual event themed. 

You can do this by asking everyone to wear a certain outfit or a certain colour. 

On video conferencing apps such as Zoom, you can even change your screen background, which could make for some real fun. 

Gift Reveals

One of the best parts about the baby shower is seeing all the beautiful gifts the new mother has received and hearing the stories from the guests of why they were chosen. 

You can incorporate a gift reveal into your virtual baby shower as well. 

If the gifts have been sent ahead, request the expecting-mother to open her gifts live and reveal to the group what she has received. 

If the gifts have not been sent, the guests can reveal to the mother what the gift is and why they chose it. 

It’s such a simple idea but keeps the baby shower feeling positive and exciting. 

Virtual Baby Shower Games 

Just because you’re not physically all in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t play games. 

Virtual games can be just as fun and engaging; it’s just about finding the right ones you know your expecting friend or relative will love. 

Here are a few of our favourite baby shower games;

Name the tune - Play the intro to a ‘baby related’ song and get the guests to guess the song. 

Baby alphabet game - Each guest must take turns trying to name a baby-related word for each letter of the alphabet. The aim is to not break the chain! 

Baby products ‘the price is right’ - Each guest must guess how much certain baby items cost. For example, cots, pushchairs etc. The closest to the actual price wins! 

Who’s that baby - Prior to the event, guests must email photos of themselves as babies to the host. The host shares them with the group, and everyone has to try and guess who is who. 

Virtual Baby Shower Favours 

Thank everyone for attending the baby shower by sending them a small favour in the post. 

You could even go as far as ordering themed cookies or biscuits and sending them out to everyone who attended. Alternatively, to make it extra personal, you could include a gift voucher they can use once things go back to normal.

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