How to Prepare Him for Baby's Arrival

20 January, 2020

How to Prepare Him for Baby's Arrival

As a woman, when we fall pregnant, we have everything to tell us what it’s going to be like and how we should prepare. We have our fellow female pals to tell us all the tales; we have books, TV shows, the bloggers and vloggers, and not forgetting all the classes we can attend. 

But for a man, there is little help to truly prepare them for the changes that will come when the baby arrives. Compare the resources women have to men, and there is almost nothing. After all, your tiny bundle of joy is going to need a lot of attention from both mum and dad. 

As babies can have a life-changing impact on a relationship, it’s essential you begin to prepare him for the changes that are coming so that you can be a strong family dynamic. 

Talk Expectations 

What do you expect of him when the baby arrives?

Throughout your pregnancy, talking and communicating about what you both expect is essential to ensure that there is no tension or arguments when the baby arrives. 

It may surprise you the number of couples that don’t actually talk about their roles when they’re expecting. However, this only leads to scorekeeping and frustration when the baby arrives, leading to unnecessary arguments. 

Instead, both sit-down and be honest about your involvement and how much he wants to contribute with helping. 

Is he willing to change nappies? 

Is he ready for sleepless nights? 

Is he happy to take time off to help?

Is he considering paternity leave? 

Put all your questions out there to him, and let him do the same. 

Having clear and spoken expectations will make you both relax into your roles when the baby arrives, and help life with your newborn feel smoother.

Get Him Involved 

From the first days of your pregnancy right through to the arrival, make him feel as involved in the pregnancy as much as possible. 

It’s been known for many men to feel at a loss, or ‘helpless’ when the baby arrives, as the first months are purely about the mother.  

Get him involved by helping with decorating the nursery, going along to all antenatal appointments and classes. There are also a few good books he can read to help him get into the mindset of what it will be like when the baby arrives. 

And of course, when the baby does arrive, allow him to have as much bonding time with the baby as you do. From helping to bath them, to feeding and having plenty of skin to skin cuddles. 

Share the Knowledge 

There will be lots of new terms and language that will totally baffle your partner, so ensure to share the knowledge about the baby and other things he should know so that he feels included. 

Watching TV shows together such as One Born Every Minute, or Delivering Babies, can also help him become aware of different births, babies and what it may be like for your labour. 

The more he knows, the more comfortable and relaxed he will be about these big life changes. After all, there’s nothing worse than not knowing, we all want some reassurance and guidance, even when changes occur.

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