How to Maintain A Christening Gown

June 20, 2018

How to Maintain A Christening Gown

After your baby’s big day you’ll want to treasure every item that represents those special moments, and this includes the Christening gown that you’ve spent time and money selecting.

As with any special item, you’ll want to preserve it for many years to come so that you can pass it on to your children when they have little ones or simply to keep hold of for the next birth in the family.  

To help ensure your gown is protected and remains in tip-top condition, we’ve revealed the steps you need to take in maintaining your baby’s cherished christening gown.

Get A Professional Clean

In order to preserve delicate fabrics for a long period of time, all stains and residues must be removed before going into storage. Even body oils and sweat can cause damage over many years, so it’s important to ensure the piece is completely clean before storing.

Find a dry cleaner who has experience with cleaning special occasion fabrics, or if you’re unsure of where to go, visit a bridal shop for a recommendation.

If you are going to try and clean it yourself, read the care instructions on the label and leave to dry completely.

Always use lukewarm water with no fabric conditioner, and then air dry until completely dry to the touch.

Prepare It For Storage

Once it has been cleaned you will need to decide how you wish to store the garment.

A box or cotton garment bag is highly recommended as this will ensure the fabric can breathe. However, it is best to avoid storing the item covered in plastic, as the chemical in plastic coverings can begin to contaminate and wear the fabric.

If you are hanging the gown, avoid using metal hangers, as they can erode after many years and cause damage to the garment. Therefore, padded hangers are always recommended as they will ensure there is no contact between the metal and the fabric.

Should you wish to use tissue paper, it is best to use acid-free tissue paper that can be purchased from craft shops. This ensures that no residue is passed onto the fabric.

It is also advisable to avoid coloured tissue paper as if this gets wet, the dye can penetrate the garment and leave a stain.

As well as the christening gown itself, don’t forget to also add any other keepsakes into the box or bag such as socks, blankets, and bibs.

Storage Locations

Now that your garment is safely packaged, you need to think about where it will be kept.

While it is common to store such treasures in an attic or basement, these areas fluctuate in temperature too often, which can lead to mould, mildew and other airborne damage.

When you’re thinking of a storage place, imagine where you as a person would be comfortable - you don’t want to be somewhere too hot or too cold, and neither does your gown. Therefore, choosing a used room within the house is often the best option. For example, putting the garment in a spare room, under the bed or in a wardrobe.

Continue to Check

As the old saying goes, out of sight out of mind. But in order to ensure your garment continues to preserve well, it is best practice to take it out every year to see how it is holding up and if it needs to move to another location.

When you’re happy with how it appears to be holding up, you can then check it every few years.

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