How to introduce wellness into your life little by little

17 March, 2021

How to introduce wellness into your life little by little

If we have learnt anything over the past year, it’s that looking after ourselves should be placed high on the agenda - and remain there. 

Wellness is the act of introducing and practicing daily healthy habits and activities, and it has gathered momentum in recent years. As the importance and awareness around mental health grew, naturally interest in wellness increased. 

While of course, wellness does contribute to good mental health, it also encourages and supports physical and emotional health too, leading to a more content, present, healthy, and confident society. 

As a parent, taking steps that maintain your wellness is crucial. As the age-old adage says, you can’t pour from an empty cup, and with this in mind, we have put together some simple ways in which you can introduce wellness into your daily routine. 


Reflect on your bad habits

We all have bad habits, it’s part of human nature. Often times, these habits can be limiting when it comes to mental wellness, relationships, self-love and acceptance and your physical health too.

By focusing on identifying your bad habits that could include, doom-scrolling, smoking, binge-eating, angry outbursts or being emotionally unavailable, you can delve further into your behaviour and acknowledge its negative impacts. Through this acknowledgement, you can explore your triggers, along with the actions and behaviours required from you to make the required changes. 

Writing or journaling at each stage helps to cement your intentions, while it is also important to celebrate successes along the way! If you don’t have time in the day to sit down and reflect, there are plenty of household chores that can be completed while your mind wanders, so use this time wisely and well.

Commit to exercise

Deep-down we all know that it’s getting started that can be the hardest part of regular exercise. 

Not only will committing to a 30-minute walk, run or bike ride be easy to fit into any schedule, but it’s also a great way to find joy throughout your day. Being present while exercising allows us to forge a connection to our body and realise that being active is an act of self-love. 

Tune into your senses and take stock of what you can hear, feel and see. From the thud of your heart, sound of your feet on the pavement, to a breeze on your skin and the smell of the air around you – suddenly committing to exercise just reached a higher level. 

What’s more, is that if you have older children that can happily join you without slowing the pace – it’s a wonderful way to get them into a wellness frame of mind too.


Mindfulness moments 

Mindfulness is a type of meditation whereby you allow yourself to be highly present in the moment, acknowledging your feelings without judgement or evaluation. 

One of the best places to practice being mindful is at the start of the day - in the shower. Breathing deeply, using pranayama breathing, whereby you breathe in for 4 seconds, holding your breath for 4 seconds and exhaling for 4 seconds, is a perfect way to slow your mind and begin a moment of mindfulness.

Again, use this time to tune into your senses by acknowledging things like the sound of the water and the feel of it on your skin. Use this time to set your intention for the day and just ‘be’ with yourself – it might take some getting used to, especially if the shower is usually a ‘get in and get out’ part of your day. 

We also vote ‘yes’ to making the morning shower a moment of luxury too! Try dotting some essential oil into the base of the shower so that its scent rises with the steam, awakening your senses further.

If you enjoy the deep sense of calm and stillness that comes with mindfulness, you can practice it throughout the day, such as stopping while you boil the kettle or even running the children’s bath.

Practice affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements about yourself that are repeated, and the act or practicing them daily is based on the self-affirmation psychological theory. We’ve previously written about practicing affirmations with children, but it’s useful to do as an adult too – setting your intention for the day, as well as underpinning self-identity and confidence. 

Admittedly, they can take some getting used to, and if you’ve struggled with positive thinking then affirmations can feel challenging. Particularly if you feel that there isn’t evidence in your life to suggest the statement is true and saying it sounds silly. However, once you open the door, even slightly to the power of affirmations, you will begin feeling the impact. We suggest using affirmations such as the below:

  • I am looking forward to today
  • I’m going to have a great day
  • I am committed to personal growth
  • I am feeling at peace
  • I am full of joy
  • I am strong
  • I am focused
  • I can overcome my obstacles
  • I love myself

Five things

This strategy is used by those working in mental health and wellness to encourage recipients of treatment and therapy to see the positive in their lives, even when they are struggling to recognise what they have to be grateful for. 

At the end of each day, list or write down five things that you have enjoyed about your day. This could be elements such as:

  • My bed was cosy this morning
  • My partner made me a cup of coffee
  • I learned something new
  • I was really productive today
  • I got a lot of chores done
  • I went for a walk

You get the idea. It can be something that perhaps you may view as ordinary or mundane, but in fact, gave you a boost throughout the day, or is something you experienced gratitude for. Doing this overtime changes your mindset into one that is more positive and joyful. Once you are in the habit of listing five things, move to 10 and so on.

It might seem that there is little time for new habits in your already busy life, but by introducing wellness where you can, you will soon see that not only is there more than enough room, some of your daily tasks that bring little joy and can be purged entirely, making space in your life for more things that bring you joy.

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