How to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2021

23 February, 2021

How to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2021

It’s rolled around again! This time last year, we probably hadn’t considered the prospect of spending another Mother’s Day in lockdown - BUT if we have any advice for you, it is start planning now!

Being prepared means that you can put some extra thought and effort into Mother’s Day, making it one to remember and cherish, with its memory being shared often. Family is so important to us at Poppie & George, and we believe that you should seize each opportunity to show love and gratitude to family members.

Below, we give some of our thoughts and advice to making this year’s Mother’s Day one that mum deserves!


Breakfast (or brunch in bed) 

Breakfast in bed can be an incredibly sumptuous affair, and if you plan far enough in advance, it’s easy to get every detail right. 

Start with the setting; a folding breakfast tray, cup and saucer, champagne flute and a vase small enough to fit onto the tray to hold a small posy of dainty flowers - this all adds to the first experience of the day.

You could offer a small selection of continental items such as pastries, with little pots of jam, followed by a special cooked breakfast of her favourite things. Besides tea and coffee, breakfast in bed should always be washed down with bottomless mimosas. 

If you want to make Mother’s Day especially memorable this year, you could look online for breakfast box deliveries or a luxury hamper from somewhere like Fortnum and Mason.

Spa hamper 

With spas across the country still closed, you can, of course, purchase a voucher to be used at a later date - but if we are honest, who knows when that date will come! 

Putting some gorgeous items together to create a spa experience at home is a thoughtful touch that can be enjoyed on the day. Many spas and skincare clinics have taken their businesses online, offering customised products and expert advice. 

We recommend thinking about the experience from start to finish and including scented candles, bubbles/bath salts or oil, face mask, hair mask, body scrub, moisturiser, skincare products to use post-bath such as toner, even down to a new fluffy dressing gown.

Marks and Spencer have recently released their new Apothecary range. At the same time, brands such as Elemis, NEOM, Herbivore and Aromatherapy Associates are also firm and sumptuous, favourites for women in the UK.

Virtual dinners

Just because we can’t celebrate in person doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate at all! We will have to continue to swap our face-to-face time for some FaceTime instead. 

You can make this Mother’s Day celebrations memorable by picking and sending the ingredients for a three-course dinner and even incorporating the cooking into your plans. 

Having a virtual cook-a-long before sitting down to enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day meal will add an extraordinary touch and an experience that will be talked about for years to come, if not one that you want to repeat! 

Picking the flowers

Flowers are a given on Mother’s Day. But there are some days that you can make this year’s bouquet extra special. 

Picking flowers with meaning such as birth flowers, flowers from a special occasion such as a wedding day or flowers that represent something loved by the woman in question will bring so much more meaning to the gift. 

For inspiration, find a list of birth flowers below:

January - Carnation

February - Violet or Primrose

March - Daffodil

April - Daisy or Sweet Pea

May - Lily of the Valley

June - Rose or Honeysuckle

July - Delphinium

August - Gladiolus or Poppy

September - Aster

October - Marigold

November - Chrysanthemum

December - Narcissus or Poppy 

If you want to make the bouquet last longer, you could consider pressing the flowers to make art and place into a frame at a later date or dry to be kept all year round. Or rather than a bouquet, a plant to be admired for years to come might be a welcome gift for keen gardeners!

Garden picnic

Why wait until the summer for a picnic? As long as the weather allows, you can enjoy a spring time picnic in the garden; you might just need a few more cosy layers!

Set the scene with a rug and blankets or dress an outdoor dining area with beautiful tableware complete with flowers and candles to the special occasion - if you have a fire pit or patio heater, pull them close just in case!

For extra nostalgia, you could even pack a wicker hamper for the real picnic experience, complete with wine and mums favourite sweet and savoury treats.

No matter how you decide to spend it, we send all of our love to you and your family this Mother’s Day and hope it’s one you look back on with affection. 

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