Holding a virtual event? Here are five things you can do to make it more memorable

14 April, 2021

Holding a virtual event? Here are five things you can do to make it more memorable

By all accounts, we are now on the home stretch on the return to normality. With gatherings of more than six and meeting indoors still a little time away, virtual events are likely to remain on the agenda for a few more months. 


Zoom fatigue has been affecting many, and as hard as we try and as fun as they can be - the buzz of video calling has reached an all-time low. So, to get through the next few weeks (or months), we have put together some fun ways to consider for your next video gathering with family or friends. 



Plan a murder mystery


Zoom murder mysteries are a legitimate thing to do now, and there are plenty of online organisers that also host the event, promising a night of intrigue, mystery and fun. 


Whether it's taking a seat in front of an immersive theatre show or being fully involved in a mystery set in Paris, there are plenty of scenarios and organisers to pick from - including one organised by Macmillan to raise vital funds.


Although many of the packages provide a reason to get dressed up and in character, we have it on good authority that once the drinks start flowing, the narrative goes straight out of the window. So it's worth keeping this in mind and reserve for a time when a sober evening will be appreciated. 



Take part in a table read 


Unlike the above, this is one for a gregarious group (children included) and when the prosecco can flow (children excluded). In this activity, one member of the group picks an episode or part of a film that the group will re-enact, sending a script and notes on wardrobe, props and character - including accents, of course. 


From The Office, The Gruffalo, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Sex and the City to The Tiger King - nothing is out of bounds. And the best bit? 


As the director, you have the power to cast yourself as any character you like. 



Enjoy a cultural tour 


If you consider yourself a lover of culture and arts and have been finding yourself starting to really miss immersing yourself in such things, then you can take part in cultural tours and performances online. 


From museums and galleries like The Vatican, Guggenheim, The Louvre or The Met, to some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders like The Grand Canyon and Los Glaciares National Park - there will be something to make participants of all ages light up. 


It's important to remember that not all of these tours offer group integration, so you may need to screen share. 



Organise a Zoom bomb


Not of the criminal variety. While there have been tales of unknown and uninvited individuals joining closed group gatherings and meetings, there are ways for you to plan to surprise Zoom guests. 


From a talented artist who will perform a personalised rap to being greeted by a goat or literally any farmyard animal, you can organise a new face to join if your gathering needs a little pep - it's guaranteed to be talked about for some time afterwards!



Give a presentation


Let's be honest - we are all sick to the back teeth of quizzes - your general knowledge is likely exhausted by now. So with this in mind, it's time to turn your approach on its head and arrange some presentations! 


In a series of calls, each participant takes turns to give presentations about a topic that they choose - or for some real fun - selected for them. 


There has undoubtedly been a lot for us to think about over the past 12 months, so for the brave-hearted, turning it into a debate night can really help you to expand your horizons and even give you some fresh perspective.

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