Heirlooms every newborn needs

December 23, 2016

Heirlooms every newborn needs

Welcoming a newborn baby is without doubt the most wonderful and perfect gift any family could receive. Gifting an heirloom that can be cherished, kept and admired in the future is a lovely way to mark this special time.

An heirloom gift provides a newborn with a piece of their heritage for them to treasure and then pass to their future generations. And if you don’t have an heirloom tradition in your family, why not start one? It’s a lovely way of passing on family history and could resemble something a family member once owned.   

Christening gown

A Christening gown is a wonderful and very traditional heirloom gift – a timeless piece for your newborn. Either worn by a previous family member or bought to pass on to future generations, a christening gown helps to represent the welcoming of a newborn to the family, surrounded by family and friends.

This was the case for young Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte, who were both Christened in a gown that had been worn by other members of the Royal Family, including their father Prince William.


Jewellery is the perfect and classic gift for any family member. But as a gift for a new born, a piece of jewellery can help to preserve tradition and memories, as well as offer a piece of heritage. Jewellery heirlooms are lovely because they can also be engraved, either from previous generations or to celebrate the birth of your new arrival.

Photo album

Special for the entire family, a photo album is the perfect sentimental gift for a newborn. Fill it with old photos of family members before your new addition was born, and they can cherish and reminisce in these memories with their own families. You can also fill the photo album of photos of your newborn and keep it updated throughout their life, which could pass on a tradition for years to come.

Memory box

Either from previous family memories, or if you decide to begin one with your newborn, a memory box is a beautiful way of presenting memories to your new arrival when they are older. You will be able to preserve first shoes, toys and many others things.

You can also use them to present other heirloom gifts including jewellery and photos. And it can then be continued throughout your newborn’s life including further photos of memories or gifts they would like to give to their children.


China gifts are a more unusual choice, but can be a beautiful heirloom for newborns to cherish in the future. Whether it is a family heirloom or something for them to treasure throughout their life, a china ornament or plate is something that they can value with age. It can help represent a glimpse of their heritage or history from previous family members, or something that they can then pass on to their children.

Buying for a newborn can often be difficult, as usually family members or friends buy similar presents. But giving your new addition a classic heirloom can help to either begin or continue a tradition within the family. They can also add a sentimental value to the presents given, representing their heritage and history, rather than the value of the gift.

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