Health & Fitness Influencers to Follow While Pregnant

24 March, 2020

Health & Fitness Influencers to Follow While Pregnant

When you’re expecting, keeping fit and healthy is more important than ever before, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to eat, and what exercises you should and shouldn’t be doing. 

As with any body-changing experience, it’s always important to listen to your body. But if you’re seeking some inspiration on a healthy pregnancy, we think that following like-minded people can often help us to understand more about our changing pregnant bodies. After all, when someone else has been there and done it, it can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and confidence to make your expecting days far more enjoyable. 

With this in mind, we’ve revealed the health and fitness influencers who are also mothers, that we love to follow. 

Carly Rowena 

Carly Rowena is a health and fitness influencer based in Norwich. With a strong Instagram and YouTube following Carly is also a personal trainer, and shares lots of content about nutrition and workouts.

However, Carly also became a mother to Jax in 2018 and posted religiously on her accounts about her fitness routine throughout her pregnancy. 

Once Carly had her daughter Jax, she also continued to show her post-partum workouts and exercise to show other new mums how gentle and slow she was moving to help her body recover from labour. 

As well as being a fit-mum, Carly is incredibly positive and inspirational, but also very honest about her body during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. In fact, she’s definitely one to keep up with if you want tips on maintaining healthy eating and moving your body during pregnancy. 

Emily Skye Fitness

Emily is a health and fitness influencer based in Australia. While she’s not currently pregnant, throughout her pregnancy, she continued to workout whilst growing a small human, and is a testament to the positive impact fitness can have on a healthy pregnancy. 

If you scroll back, Emily shares some of her pregnancy workouts, including during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. 

Emily is a great resource to have on your Instagram feed, although be warned, the amount of sunshine may make you want to relocate. 

Body By Simone 

Simone De La Rue, or Body by Simone as she is known in the fitness world, is not only an influencer but an exercise mogul. Her body is her business, and she has built a career on helping others get fit and healthy, including a number of celebrities. 

At 43, Simone was expecting a baby and decided to document everything she did to help her keep fit and healthy. 

If you’re expecting a baby later on in life, she is by far one of the most inspirational fitness influencers to follow. Not only does she cover lots of practical workouts, but her mindset and positive attitude are also contagious. 

As Simone constantly says, there are so many benefits of exercise for both you and the baby. 


Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw is a nutritional therapist, health influencer, and mother to Shay. 

When Madeleine became pregnant with her son, she kept all of her followers updated with the foods she was eating and the workouts she was doing to help both her mind and body. 

If you need inspiration on tasty and nutritious foods to eat while pregnant, Madeleine is your go-to-girl. Her recipes are like a rainbow on a plate, and full of vitamins and minerals that can help your body stay in great form for pregnancy. 

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