Great Ideas for A Luxe, Elegant Baby Shower

March 29, 2017

Great Ideas for A Luxe, Elegant Baby Shower

The traditional baby shower is a wonderful opportunity for the mother-to-be to relax and enjoy some quality time with her friends and family members before she joins the club of motherhood. It’s also a fabulous chance for everyone to celebrate the impending arrival, ‘showering’ (appropriate for the name) the expectant mother and her little one with love and gifts.

If you’re planning to throw a baby shower, either for yourself, a friend loved one who is expecting, here are our top tips for throwing a luxurious and elegant shower that everyone will remember forever.

Choose a colour scheme

All parties work better when there’s a colour scheme set from the beginning. You don’t necessarily have to go with the traditional pink for a girl and blue for a boy – we’ve seen some truly beautiful all-white baby showers, as well as fresh yellow and relaxing green themes that are ideal for someone who hasn’t yet found out the gender of their little one.

Arrange help where necessary 

Bring in some caterers to ensure that your food is of the highest quality, and consider hiring some entertainment. A pianist or acoustic guitarist can provide some lovely background music while the guests mingle and offer their best wishes to the mother-to-be. If you’re inviting children to the baby shower, provide some kind of entertainment for them so that the adults can enjoy some valuable ‘grown-up’ time together knowing that their little ones are having fun.

Consider meaningful games and activities

Many baby showers feature games such as tasting baby food and trying to guess the flavour, or pinning the nappy on a picture of a baby. We prefer games and activities which have some meaning behind them. Why not provide a selection of white onesies and some fabric pens, and ask all of your loved ones to create a personalised item for the new arrival?

If the parents haven’t yet settled on a name, you could ask each guest to write down their favourite name for a boy and a girl and add to a jar for the expectant mum and dad to peruse when the party is over.

Create a registry with the mother-to-be

Avoid duplicated gifts with a registry created by the mother-to-be. These can be useful items that will be used after the baby is born, or special gifts that will act as heirlooms and sentimental keepsakes.

Any new mother will tell you that they end up with more clothes and toys than they could possibly use in those first few months after their baby has been born, so it’s best to encourage guests to bring a variety of other gifts – perhaps clothes in larger sizes, treasured books that they’ll one day be able to read, or thoughtful gifts that will remain with the child for life.

Are you planning a baby shower? We’d love to hear about your tips and tricks to ensure it’s a memorable party for all involved!

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