Dressing For A Wedding While Pregnant

April 26, 2017

Dressing For A Wedding While Pregnant

For women who are expecting a child, dressing for a wedding can be a stressful experience. Weddings are traditionally long days, with a ceremony in the early afternoon, a wedding breakfast, then later on a party that often lasts into the early hours.

For ladies carrying a child, this means comfort is top priority – but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Spring and summer are by far the most popular times of year to get married – of course, autumn and winter have their charms, but most people prefer to have a shot of sunshine on their special day.

That means the next few months are set to be busy for those who have friends or family members set to tie the knot. Here are our top tips on dressing for a wedding while pregnant.

Consider how far along you’ll be

Make sure you think about how far along you’ll be at the time of the wedding, and choose an outfit that provides ample room for you to grow. No one can predict how their body will change as time goes on, so it’s always best to choose an outfit that is flexible in this regard. One great idea is to choose outfits that have ties, rather than unyielding zips or buttons.

Have a fitting one week before

Once you’ve settled on an outfit, try it on before the big day and see if there’s anything that needs to be altered. Having your dress tailored to you will give you a chic silhouette, as well as ensuring that you’re still comfortable.

Natural materials are best

Natural materials are often the most comfortable, so steer clear of anything synthetic. This will also help with temperature regulation – if you’re in the later stages of a pregnancy and the wedding is on a particularly warm day, you might struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature if you’re covered in synthetic materials that aren’t breathable.

Draping and folds are your friend

Not everyone feels like a glowing earth mother when they’re pregnant – in fact, some ladies feel a little self-conscious about their bodies. If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your changing figure, choose a flowing dress with drapes and folds. The fluid fabric will hug your curves in a flattering way, and it’ll cover you up without making you appear frumpy.

Highlight the bump!

There’s a very awkward stage of pregnancy where, from certain angles, you could still pass for being not pregnant – and from other angles, you might simply look as though you’ve just finished a very large meal! If you’re at this stage, avoid potentially awkward conversations by highlighting the bump if you can.

A dress with a loose tie just above the bump will show it off beautifully, or you could use horizontal stripes to define and draw attention to your bump. After all, pregnancy is a beautiful time – you have every right to be proud and show it off!

We would love to see your maternity wedding outfits – feel free to share with us. 

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