Dressing A Baby For A Special Occasion

May 17, 2017

Dressing A Baby For A Special Occasion

Wedding season is fast approaching, and spring/summer are also perfect times to have a little one christened – we’re guessing there are calendars all over the country that are filling up fast with special events and occasions to be celebrated! If you are the parent of younger children, dressing your little one for a special day can be tricky.

After all, they are probably going to feature in photos that are looked back on for decades – you want to ensure they are dressed appropriately and look adorable! Here are some top tips for dressing your baby or toddler for an upcoming special occasion.

Opt for something timeless

As we’ve mentioned, your little one is going to be appearing in photos that will be fondly looked back on for many years – you don’t want their outfit to appear hopelessly dated. Our best advice, whether you’re dressing a little boy or a little girl, is to opt for something classic and timeless.

For boys, we love the traditional waistcoat over a soft shirt, or perhaps some suspenders/braces and a bow tie. For little girls, a simple dress with a fitted top and flowing skirt looks wonderful. Try to avoid sparkles, glitter or over-the-top embellishments – simple is always best.

Consider comfort

Weddings and christenings are often long days for little ones – they need to be kept as comfortable as possible to ensure they won’t start to fuss. Make sure when choosing their outfit they have plenty of room to manoeuvre and try to think about the temperature too. If there’s a chilly wind, make sure to bring an extra layer, and give them the opportunity to remove a layer if the event is held on a hot summer’s day.


They say that accessories make the outfit, and the same applies for little ones! A well-chosen accessory can elevate the entire look and add some serious cute-factor. For little girls, think elegant ribbons or flowers in their hair, or a charming tiara. Little boys can benefit from their own tiny cuff links, tie clips or even a quirky hat. If you have precious family heirlooms that can be worn as accessories, it’s lovely to show them off at such a special occasion.

Consider your outfit too

If you’re going to be caring for your baby all day at a wedding or christening, the last thing you want is something tight, uncomfortable or restrictive. You might even be nursing, in which case you need appropriate attire to do so. Choose an outfit that will allow you to perform your parental duties with ease – flowing, natural materials will likely be more comfortable for you.

Make sure you also bring your finest baby accessories with you – timeless bibs, the best bottles and a stylish nappy bag that goes with your outfit. For more information about timeless baby heirlooms, sign up the Poppie & George mailing list.

We would also love to hear your own tips for dressing little ones for special occasions – let us know in the comments.

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