Classic Baby Names Making A Comeback

28 June, 2017

Classic Baby Names Making A Comeback

Choosing a name for your new baby is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Many new parents like to choose unusual, one-of-a-kind monikers for their little ones – we know many celebrities opt for rare, unique names like Apple, North and Blue. Naming trends come and go, evolving over time, and experts right now are suggesting that there’s going to be a surge of ‘traditional’ baby names over the next few years.

In fact, Pinterest suggests that searches relating to classic baby names have increased by an amazing 78% in the last year alone! Let’s take a look at the more traditional baby names that are set to make a comeback – do any of these lovely options take your fancy?


Lily has been a popular name for many years now, regularly appearing on the top ten girl’s names – but Lillian offers a more stately, refined version which can easily be turned into the sweet floral nickname.


The shortened form of Archibald, this very traditional, old-fashioned name is making a modern comeback. The name declined in popularity for hundreds of years before sharply rising once more in 2012 – it isn’t currently sitting in the top 100 baby names, so it can still feel unusual and unique enough for parents looking for a non-traditional name.

Clara / Clarence

Clara has also become a hit for modern parents searching for a sweet name for their little girl. The name itself means ‘clear’ or ‘bright’, and is a more popular version of the name Claire, which has dipped in popularity in recent years. Lots of popular names for girls currently end in the letter ‘a’ – think Olivia, Ava and Isabella, for example – and Clara is a result of that. Clarence is the boy’s version of this name, with the same meanings.


Douglas is a classic name with Gaelic and Celtic roots – it originated to denote that someone lived near a river. Nowadays, it has strong Scottish links, so if you’d like to honour Scottish lineage within your family, Douglas is a fantastic name for a little boy.


Adeline is a unique contradiction – it’s a very old-fashioned name which still manages to sound bright and modern to today’s parents. It originates from the French name ‘Adele’, and gives parents the advantage of being able to pick plenty of nicknames from it: Addy, Lina, Dell, Lady and even Al. There are also multiple different spellings, including the on-trend ‘Adalyn’.


The name Jasper means ‘bringer of treasure’, which is apt for couples who may have been trying to conceive for a long time before finally bringing their baby into the world. Members of Namipedia, one of the web’s most in-depth baby name databases, say that this name is ‘creative’, ‘sophisticated’ and ‘smart’ – all positive values and traits.

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