Christmas Traditions to Begin With Your Children | Poppie and George

11 November, 2020

Christmas Traditions to Begin With Your Children | Poppie and George

What is there not to love about Christmas? The decorations, the tree, the food, films…you name it. It really is the most wonderful time of the year, and it suddenly becomes even more special when you have littles around too.

A family Christmas is one of the most magical experiences that will be remembered for years to come, and the traditions that you create can be carried through for generations to come. To help inspire you to create Christmas memories, we have collated some inspirational and creative festive ideas.



Save the date 

Pick the weekend that each year will be reserved to put up the tree and decorations, turning your house into the grotto of your dreams within 48 hours.

This weekend could begin with a special breakfast, trip to choose your Christmas tree, warm drinks and treats throughout the day as the decorations go up and a family switch on as it begins to get dark.

Of course, this event HAS to be followed with a Christmas film to really set the tone.



The Christmas box 

We know that in recent years, Christmas Eve boxes have become incredibly popular. While we love this idea – we think that you could make the merriment last longer by introducing the box earlier, perhaps on December 1st?

Filled with Christmas socks, family Christmas pyjamas, a special Christmas tree decoration and other cosy elements such as hot chocolate, candy canes and even a bottle of mulled wine or two for the grown-ups. 

If your children are a little older, this box may also include the Elf on the Shelf or other cheeky Christmas characters that cause havoc in your house. For younger children, it could consist of comforting items like a soft teddy or for babies, a delicate muslin.


Wreath making 

Another tradition that should be started earlier in the month to make sure it can be enjoyed in the weeks leading up to Christmas is wreath making.

Gather friends and family, if you have an outdoor space – this activity can be enjoyed while socially distancing. Whether using florist’s oasis and fresh flora and fauna or opting for dried foliage or even a modern bauble or felt wreath, everyone can get involved. This is a great activity to enjoy while listening to Christmas songs and eating mince pies.

Children can indulge their creativity and relish in their new-found family tradition.


Christmas light explorations

 Why enjoy your own Christmas decorations, when you can admire the efforts of others too? This is one that children of all ages will enjoy, from seeing the bright lights from their pram to enjoying a quiet night-time walk to wind down after school.

Wait until it gets dark, load up with mugs of warm hot chocolate and et outside to take a look at the Christmas decorations that adorn your local area.


A visit from Saint Nick

In many European countries, Saint Nick does the rounds before Christmas Day.

In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas arrives by boat on the last Saturday in November, where children leave food for his white horse, and in Germany, he starts doing his 'good or naughty' surveys on December 5th.

German children leave out a freshly polished shoe for him to put sweets in. Although – if they haven't been good, they are left with twigs instead.

By incorporating European traditions into your festivities, you can up the excitement while also teaching children about other cultures.


Christmas baking 

2020 has been the year of rediscovering the joy of being neighbourly. Why not incorporate that into the festive season with some Christmas baking? Gingerbread, cookies, mince pies or rustic sausage rolls – whatever Christmas baking you decide to do – once it's delivered with a sprig of holly and a Christmas card, it will undoubtedly bring joy to your nearest and dearest.

And what about a gingerbread house? There are plenty of kits around, and young children will love to get their hands messy while building a biscuit grotto, although word of advice to parents, it's best to forget the idea of how you would like the final result to turn out!

There's nothing better than some Christmas baking to kickstart your Christmas Eve, too.


Present wrapping

One of the most rewarding Christmas activities is the present wrapping. Granted, you might have to be creative in the jobs that you dish out to the little ones (perhaps they can pass the Sellotape, or practice wrapping teddy?) but it doesn't mean that it can't be a family occasion. Put on the Christmas lights, a Christmas film and get stuck in!


Putting out a snack for Santa and his reindeers

A truly magical Christmas tradition is putting out a treat for Santa and his hardworking friends. Santa is partial to a mince pie, or cookies laid out on a special plate, while Rudolph and co stay outside to eat their carrots and reindeer food - this is often mixed with some glitter to guide them to your home. 

Of course, it's up to the parents to have a bite of Santa's meal and create the scene that reindeers have been!

We hope this post puts you in the festive mood! If you have any other family Christmas traditions, why not let us know on our social channels? We would love to hear them!


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