Baby’s First Father’s Day: Luxury Gifts For Daddy

June 13, 2017

Baby’s First Father’s Day: Luxury Gifts For Daddy

Every day is special when you have a newborn – but there’s nothing quite as special as your first ever Father’s Day, celebrated as a parent. For all families, it’s important to show dad just how loved he is on Father’s Day, by showering him with affection, and gifts that will be treasured forever. Here are some of the top luxury gifts for new fathers on this big day.

Personalised accessories

Investing in high-quality accessories is always a failsafe for Father’s Day, whether you choose a luxury leather wallet, a pair of beautiful cufflinks or a stylish watch by his favourite brand. But you can take things one step further by having the gift personalised so Daddy will always remember his first Father’s Day. You could have the piece monogrammed with his initials or the initials of your little one, or you could inscribe your son or daughter’s date of birth on there somewhere, so he carries a little memory of them around with him at all times. These can also be passed down through the family if they’re looked after, creating your own special set of heirlooms.

A memento for the home

There are a plethora of gorgeous homeware items which can be customised for Father’s Day – framed images with baby’s handprints and footprints, beautiful canvases with pictures of the little one, or even a poem about fatherhood, framed and ready to hang. These items will be treasured forever and will be a lasting reminder of what life was like when your son or daughter was new to the world.

A special treat…

This one is more of a treat from Mummy to Daddy for all of his hard work since the little one arrived: how about a special bottle of his favourite beverage? Whether it’s a finely aged whisky, a majestic old cognac or a rare bottle of wine he’s had his eye on for a while, this gift is perfect for new dads to savour after they’ve put their little one down to sleep for the night.

Tech to make life easier

Many dads love their gadgets, especially if they can make their life easier in any way. Why not invest in some high-end tech to make fatherhood that little bit more straightforward? The current wave of voice-activated home assistants (Siri, Echo, Google Home) are great for dads who always have their hands full, and highly advanced fitness trackers are an ideal way for new fathers to ensure they’re taking care of their own health, even while chasing around after a little one.

Alternatively, you could go for all-out fun – buy Daddy his own drone for fun in the garden, or invest in a virtual-reality headset, so he can escape the world of nappies and teething rings for an hour or two! 

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