Baby-Friendly Galleries and Museums to Visit in London

April 07, 2017

Baby-Friendly Galleries and Museums to Visit in London

Going on a day out with a new baby can require planning and preparation of almost military precision. From ensuring you’ll have enough nappies to last the day (even in the case of emergencies), to navigating the tube with a pram and finding baby-changing facilities, it can be tough to simply relax and enjoy the experience of being out and about.

Luckily, there are a multitude of art galleries and museums in the city of London which are incredibly welcoming to families with babies and toddlers. With the combination of appropriate facilities in close proximity and a friendly atmosphere, you can truly enjoy a day out with your little one at these wonderful destinations. Here are just a few of them:

Parasol Unit

Parasol Unit and Victoria Miro, which shares the site, both have an enormous number of activities and attractions to satisfy parents and children alike. You can wander the spacious contemporary art exhibition and discuss their feelings on each piece, before taking to one of the welcoming family workshops which take place every Sunday.

These are led by artists and give children and parents the chance to get seriously creative in a variety of new and exciting ways. Admission is completely free, so you can spend your cash in one of the lovely family-friendly pubs or restaurants in the local area.

The Design Museum  

For those who appreciate great contemporary design in all its forms, the Design museum is a must.  The museum’ s spectacular new location on High Street Kensington caters for families far better than in its former home and hosts a regular programme of activities and events to get children between the ages of 5 – 11 experimenting with their creativity.

There is also a Family Trail which is a great way to explore the various exhibitions, particularly if you have the little one in a pram.

The Tate

For very young babies in prams, The Tate is a great place for a lovely, relaxing stroll. It’s buggy-friendly, and you can explore the exhibits in peace and quiet, stopping off at the cafeteria, which is child-friendly throughout. Toddlers will also enjoy the fantastic outdoor space, with lots of opportunities to teach them about wildlife and the environment.  

The National Gallery

Galleries like The National may have a reputation for being aimed at adults, but there are actually plenty of great activities for toddlers and babies throughout the year. The highlight is the Magic Carpet Ride, which takes place every weekend.

Families are guided through the gallery, stopping in front of certain paintings, where little ones will be told an exciting story about the image. They’ll even sing a couple of songs! It’s step-free, so you can use a pram inside, and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon in the central London area.  

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