A list of the most beautiful personalised baby gifts

25 October, 2020

A list of the most beautiful personalised baby gifts

We hate to be the ones to say it – but Christmas really isn’t too far away! 2020 has undoubtedly been a curveball and the way that we celebrate the season of goodwill may be a little different to previous years – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it just as unique.

Knowing what to buy newborns can be a conundrum, especially if you aren’t yet a parent yourself, or it has been a little while since you have purchased a gift for a new baby. 

Personalised gifts are always well received. Making items customised puts a thoughtful twist on a present, demonstrating how much love has been bestowed onto a new bundle of joy.

To help you gather some ideas, we gathered ideas for some special personalised gifts.


Muslin Cloths 

New parents can never have enough muslin cloths. Used for feeding, teething, soothing and playing, they are essential items that are always close to hand.

It’s an exceptional thought to know that your gift can be used to help soothe a newborn to sleep and become part of their bedtime routine as they grow through the toddler years too.

Our luxury muslin squares are made from 100% cotton with a crocheted trim and can be personalised with a specially chosen colour. Take a look at the collection here: Personalised Muslin Cloths.



Personalised prints are timeless and can last long beyond the walls of a nursery, continuing to hold a special place in the bedroom of young children as they grow through school. 

From minimalist Scandinavian styles to illustrations, affirmations, flags and hanging hoops, there are prints to suit all types of nursery and welcome a new baby into the world.

Of course, why stop at the baby’s name? You could also consider using details like locations (think map co-ordinates), time and dates (star signs and constellations) with the traditional baby weight to make a print that extra bit special.

We adore the collections of pictures and prints for children at Not On The High Street.


Would taking a look at modern nursery trends provide some artistic inspiration when it comes to buying prints as a gift? Please take a look at our nursery décor blog, here. 


Toy Box

A toy box or toy chest is always well received by new parents. They provide storage for toys, games and blankets while also providing a little area for seating or displaying well-used or favourite items like books and soft toys.

Toy boxes can be personalised with names and years of birth, not to mention extra details like to align with the theme of the nursery and can fit in seamlessly with the rest of the nursery furniture.

We like these handmade children’s toyboxes from Kids Dreambox, and independent retailer’s on Etsy.


Wooden Toys 

Wooden toys are most certainly experiencing a comeback, and we have seen a surge in the popularity of these items.

Perhaps it’s the timeless elements of wooden gifts, or maybe it’s the way that the world is focussing on leaving behind the throwaway culture of plastic toys and focussing on sustainability – but it looks like these nostalgic items are in favour.

There is something about the warm, smooth touch of a wooden toy that makes them so loved. Popular gifts include trains or horse and carriages that spell out the child’s name or engraved wooden musical instrumentals and building blocks. 

Sarah & Bendrix and Not On The High Street both have a beautiful collection of personalised, thoughtful wooden toys and games.


Dressing Gowns and Pyjamas

Is there anything better than a freshly bathed, squeaky clean baby or toddler? In our humble (yet expert) opinion, no.

Once bathed, it brings parents great delight to warp their children in soft, warm bedclothes, before settling into the calming bedtime routine and having them personalised or monogrammed makes the act feel so much more loving.

Buying items such as dressing gowns and pyjamas a few sizes up will also mean that they can be enjoyed for many months to come, and even placed on to much-loved soft toys to offer comfort at bedtime.

Joules offer a personalised embroidery service on pyjamas, while Etsy and Not on The High Street feature plenty of boutique businesses offering a personalisation or monogramming service on these items.



As beautiful as babies are, they can certainly be mucky puppies when it comes to mealtimes.

Day to day, little thought goes into which bib is going to keep them clean, but when it comes to eating out and special occasions, it makes the difference to have a bib that adds something more to the day, and of course – the outfit. 

Our range of soft and sustainable bibs are made from linen and bamboo and finished with an elegant satin trim, can be personalised with up to three initials, making them a perfect present for days to remember.

Please take a look at our range of nauticalpram and christening bibs.

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