6 Winter Trends for Tiny Tots

January 03, 2019

6 Winter Trends for Tiny Tots

With the winter chill in the air and the perpetual greyness now here, it’s time to look at the winter trends that will take over our tiny tots wardrobe.

Whether you enjoy dressing them like the little dolls that they are, or transforming them into a mini you, there is a trend for every taste and style, so you can find them an outfit they won’t refuse to wear.

Despite the season, you’ll find a variety of children’s winter trends to help add some colour into their days.


Delightful Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are once again roaming the earth in the form of colourful prints.

This unisex trend is seeing the ancient creatures popping up on both boys and girls clothes, bringing a fun and playful twist to traditional winter patterns.

Boden, Jojomamanbebe and even highstreet stores such as H&M and John Lewis, are all embracing vibrant dinosaur features on their children’s wear.

Whether it’s styling a dinosaur tea dress over a breton stripe, or adding their fierce spikes to a snuggly onesie, this trend is booming right now, and filling the stores up with a land-before-time theme.

For those of you with siblings, this is very cute trend to jump on if you love dressing them up in similar outfits.

Navajo Knitwear

The Native American trend of earthy tones and intricate patterns is taking over knitwear for the little ones.

The Navajo trend itself has been going strong for a while now; primarily since beautiful tanned moccasins were spotted on celebrity babies such as the Kardashians.  

But now the Navajo trend is growing, as thick, warm jumpers are popping up across the stores in rich tones and beautiful knitted patterns. You could say it’s knitwear taken up a notch.

Many brands are embracing this trend, including Zara, Mothercare, John Lewis and H&M.

Royal Bonnets

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte started a trend the moment she emerged from hospital with her tiny head covered in a knitted bonnet. And since then the trend for baby bonnets has continued.

While it’s a very traditional trend, there’s nothing more we love in children’s wear than a touch of nostalgia.

Whether you decide to knit one yourself, or purchase one from the high street, the bonnet will be here to stay for this season, as the cold weather makes these fixed head warmers an ideal option for both newborn baby’s and carefree toddlers.

If you’re in desperate need to pop one of these on your precious little one, then fear not, as almost every children’s wear store has them stocked. From Boden, Jojomamanbebe to John Lewis, you’ll be sure to find one. Although the real challenge with this trend, is not buying one of every colour.

Textural Tweed

It seems this winter season we love nothing more than celebrating tradition, as Scottish tweed in all its elements is making a comeback.

From adorable waistcoats for that special occasion, to durable dresses that make even the messiest tot look smart, tweed in many variations is a key fabric to adopt for the winter month.

However, while it is a fantastically durable trend that will mean items will last, it can also be a pain to clean, so we suggest always checking the care instructions before you make a purchase.

To grab your little piece of scottish style, try venturing to Joules, John Lewis or Jojomamanbebe.

Dapper Duffle Coats

Another trend that we have to thank from the royal children is the dapper duffle coat.

Spotted on both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, this smart coat puts the casual puffer jackets to shame.

With a hood and pockets, it’s a practical coat that is ideal for layering with knitted jumpers and allowing your little one to run off on adventures without a worry of getting cold.

While the pockets may soon be filled with sweet wrappers, dried leaves and anything else your tot decides to collect, the beauty of these coats is that they are a true investment piece, and if you keep it clean and well-maintained it can be passed on for many years.

All notable designers and high street brands have adopted this trend, so no matter who you favour you’ll be able to find a colour that your little one loves, and hopefully won’t take off in a tantrum.

Corduroy Cuteness

A durable fabric that throws us all the way back the 70’s, corduroy clothes are coming back with a vengeance.

Admittedly you may not want to match with your little one on this trend, but when the fabric is so durable and comes in such a rainbow of colours, it’s easy to understand why parents are flocking to cover their little one’s in corduroy cuteness.

From trousers with a button shirt, to corduroy dungarees over a thermal top, this trend is versatile and easy to adopt for the cold winter months.

Venture to Boden, Mothercare, H&M, Zara, The White Company, or even Frugi. But no matter your favoured shop we can guarantee you’ll find the corduroy clothes you need.

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