5 Summer Baby Trends for Tots

01 August, 2019

5 Summer Baby Trends for Tots

With summer now in full swing and the sunshine making an appearance, we’ve gathered together the five biggest baby trends of 2019. 

Just when you thought finding something to wear for yourself was a challenge, these trends will have you wondering which to choose for your tot. 

Besides, there’s something much more fun about dressing our little ones than picking through the boring adult clothes. 

Prepare your bank balance because your baby’s wardrobe is about to get an overhaul. 


A gender-neutral trend for boys and girls, dungarees are making an adorable comeback. 

Not only are dungarees super easy for us parents to handle when changing nappies or messy tops, but they’re also perfect for keeping baby cool on warmer days. 

As this trend comes back time and time again, we’d suggest investing in a good pair of denim and linen dungarees so they can see you through the seasons. 

Plus, if you invest in a good pair, you can always pass them onto friends or keep them for your next baby. 

Big Bows 

Big bold bows around a baby girls head are all you can see on Pinterest and Instagram. And we can see why. 

With their big doe-like eyes, big bows on babies just melt your heart. They look almost doll-like they’re that cute! 

While you can opt for various colours to go with different outfits, the floral prints finish off a summer dress perfectly. 

Many brands on the highstreet have baby bows available, but why not get crafty and make your own? 


You know what they say - twinning is winning. And that’s the idea of this trend that’s taking the internet by storm. 

From mums and their babies to dads and their tots; dressing like your little one is a growing trend that parents are fully embracing. 

Even celebrity parents are taking on the trend. From Giovanna Fletcher and her boys to influencers such as Clemmie Hopper.

There is so much fun to be had in the twinning trend, and we can see why. 

Goodbye boring adult clothes, hello colour, fun, and creating your own family dream team.  

Mini Activist 

The world has gone slogan t-shirt mad thanks to our fight against climate change and a push for more equality. No matter the cause, there’s a t-shirt highlighting the issue. Which means even baby clothes are spreading bold messages. 

From ‘Strong Girl’ baby grows, to ‘Save the Planet for Me’ t-shirts. People are not just using their voice, but their babies cuteness to spread the word.

The question is, which messages will you be dressing your baby in? 

Handmade Homage 

From knitwear by granny to handmade dresses by mum. The home-style of handmade is coming back on trend thanks to a surge in crafty mums across the internet. 

With a nod to nostalgia, this trend has people reminiscing on their childhood and attempting to replicate some of their baby styles. 

If you can’t handle knitting or have no idea about how to manage a sewing machine, the good news is many independent crafters are selling their handmade baby clothes. 

Check out Etsy for unique items, or get on Pinterest if you’re feeling up to the challenge. 

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