Treasured Childhood Memories...

25 November, 2016

[fusion_text]Childhood memories are precious; they’re something we can later share with our own children, who can then tell their children and so on. As time passes our earliest memories tend to fade and become harder to recall. But certain glimpses and keepsakes can help us to relive them. Family photographs, videos, a certain scent or even a song can all help to trigger that we may soon forget. Most of the memories that we hold close are happy ones. It could be the first time we welcomed home a baby brother or sister, or even the moment we met our first love. They can also help to teach and remind us of the lessons that we have learnt throughout life, along with some rather funny and embarrassing moments that we soon hope that we will forget. Sadly, not all of our memories will be happy ones. Life will throw us a variety of saddening times that we will overcome, but may always remain in our memory. However, we can use these as a lesson to build new and happier memories. Holding in repressive memories can cause later issues with future experiences, so using them as a platform to build new thoughts can be useful to us later in life. Memories of childhood are great to revisit from time to time. Building photo albums of our nearest and dearest over the years can be a beautiful keepsake gift for our children as they get older; as well as holding on to some of their clothes and toys. Special memories will be easy to cherish – like riding a bike for the first time or even your first day at school, but for those that may be harder for children to recall, make sure you hold on to some keepsakes that may help them to remember and that they in turn can love, keep and repeat with their own children in the future. Poppie & George designs and makes beautiful, timeless accessories for infants which you’ll want to treasure forever. Launching soon. Forever yours, Poppie & George[/fusion_text]

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