50 Years of Luxury Gifts for Children

02 September, 2016

[fusion_text]As we enter into the age of a technology driven youth, it leaves us to wonder and reminisce on the luxury gifts that were given to children 50 years ago. Now we often see children sitting around with the latest tablets or hand-held technology game, but it was very different 50 years ago. Throughout the different eras, we welcomed a variety of toys, games and sporting equipment that was made popular. We have taken ourselves back through each decade to see the luxury gifts given to children. 1950s After the second World War came the introduction to the “space age”, where TV and advertising were becoming increasingly popular. Children were exposed to advertised products, taking the toy industry by storm. Younger children still traditionally played with toys that their parents had as children. These included: jack-in-the-box, rocking horses and building blocks. However, the 1950s was also the era for branded dolls for young girls. They were able to brand their dolls to make them look like their 1950s icons or simply to their own design. The 1950s also saw the introduction of musical instruments that were often given to children for Christmas or a birthday. 1960s The toy industry throughout the 60s still remained segregated by gender. Girls would still play with dolls and kitchen sets, whilst boys enjoyed playing with toys that resembled fighting in the war. Children also enjoyed receiving luxury gifts including typewriters and portable phonographs.  1970s The 1970s saw some rapid advances in computer technology, which began to have an influence on the toys that were given to children. Cassette tape recorders were introduced during the 1970s which welcomed a variety of home recordings in families. Children and their siblings would often make home radio shows and music recordings. The 70s also introduced view-masters which allowed children to enter a disk and click through the pictures. I had one of these and fought with my brothers over it constantly.  1980s By the 1980s, technology had been advanced and transformed into a variety of computerised toys and simple robots. Although traditional toys were still used by children, including Cabbage Patch Dolls and Connect 4, video games also began to become popular, neglecting the traditional toys once played with. China dolls also became popular during the 1980s. They were given to young girls as a luxurious item that replicated a real life look that children could alter with outfits and designs.   1990s onwards The 90s onwards welcomed the digital era, and the rage of the latest technology. Luxury gift items were often considered minimal when it came to giving presents over the festive seasons or for birthdays. Although children still enjoy playing with a modern adaptation of a traditional board games and toys as they enjoy something of a comeback, luxury gift items are still given to children including vintage inspired items from previous era including jewellery and timeless pieces. Most of these luxurious items are now considered as collectibles, and can make a perfect heirloom gift for a child to treasure and pass on to future generations.[/fusion_text]

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