5 Pregnancy Apps To Help Mums-To-Be

January 25, 2017

Pregnancy can be an anxious time for mums-to-be, especially if you’re carrying your first child. Every sensation is entirely new, and many worry about whether something is ‘normal’, and some will even become increasingly nervous about the thought of giving birth and becoming a parent. It’s totally natural – but it doesn’t have to be this way! Modern mamas are incredibly lucky to have a range of apps at their disposal, to help them practice mindfulness and relax during pregnancy. From ‘count-the-kicks’ style tracker apps, to reminders to take pre-natal vitamins, there’s an app to make almost every aspect of pregnancy that little bit easier. Take a look at our top five: WebMD Pregnancy This is perhaps the most comprehensive pregnancy app out there, with a multitude of features that mums-to-be will appreciate. All of the information in the ‘Pregnancy 101’ section has been reviewed and verified by licensed doctors, with genuine medical citations wherever necessary – so you can be sure that what you’re learning is totally reliable. Once you’ve entered your due date, you’ll be able to access progress updates for your baby, with accurate predictions based on how far along you currently are. The app also has a number of practical features: there’s a schedule where you can note your upcoming scans and appointments, as well as a symptom tracker if you’re experiencing any kind of illness during pregnancy. The contraction timer is especially useful – it lets you know when you should be heading to hospital to begin giving birth! Totally Pregnant This app is packed full of fantastic features to help you make the most of your pregnancy. You can keep a record of your pregnancy, storing photos and journal entries as your baby grows – not only is this a great way to document this special time, journaling can also be a great stress-reliever for many people. You can sign up for a baby registry to help your friends and family when it comes to gifts, and you can even search for baby-related services, classes and shops in your local area. BabyList Preparing for a new baby can be stressful – from buying their first toys to making sure you’ve chosen the right cot, it’s enough to make any new parent feel anxious! This simple app can help make the process easier, with lists of all the items you need to buy, and links to online stores where you can find some great deals. This app also has a baby registry option that’s easy to send to family and friends. Baby Kick Counts In the later stages of pregnancy, many doctors recommend that women should be counting the number of kicks to ensure their baby is happy, healthy and on-the-move. This simple app allows you to keep track of those all-important kicks, so you’ll be able to spot patterns and see which times of day your baby is most active. Headspace Headspace is a fantastic meditation app which can be incredibly helpful for those who tend to stress themselves out and worry about things. There’s all kinds of guided meditation sessions within the app, with hundreds of hours of content to work through. If you’re prone to getting yourself worked up, or you simply want to take ten minutes to practice mindfulness during your pregnancy, a subscription to Headspace is a great idea.

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